To Make My Son Eat Healthy Food, I Turn It Into His Favorite Cartoons

My name is Laleh and I am 35. I have a son Jacob (6) and a daughter Charlie (19 months old). In May 2015, I turned my son’s spelt pancakes into a lion for a bit of fun and he loved it! Every few days he would ask if I could make him a character from a movie, book or toy that he had seen. Jacob and I would get creative in the kitchen and discuss the ingredients that we were using and the benefits. For example, when he was 3, we would talk about how Kale was a superfood. He would ask why, and I would say ‘because superheroes love eating it’ – that was a winner for him!

I started posting our creations on my personal Facebook page and had such a positive response that I thought I would create an Instagram account to inspire other parents to get creative in the kitchen.

Within a month our page went viral and gained media attention from all over the world with media coverage from Time Magazine, Huffington Post, The Today Show USA, The Today Show Australia, Sunrise, ABC TV, Disney Channel Australia, and shout outs from celebrities, such as Martha Stewart and Ashton Kutcher to name a few. Ellen DeGeneres has even shared an artwork that I made of her on her show!

Within the last two years, we have been lucky enough to work with some amazing companies including Disney, Nickelodeon, Universal Pictures, Barcelona FC, Jamie Oliver, 20th Century Fox to name a few.

We would never in a million years have thought that our little kitchen creations would turn into a full-time business but we love every minute of it!

We love to use fresh, healthy produce and no refined sugar or preservatives. All our creations are dyed using vegetables and natural powders such as activated charcoal.

More info: Instagram

#1 Carl & Ellie

Mash potato, chicken, noodles (made for Valentine’s day – not for eating).

#2 Lady And The Tramp

Spelt and cocoa pancakes with fruit.

#3 Hei Hei From “Moana”

Organic eggs with salad.

#4 Micky & Friends

An assortment of toast.

#5 Anger, Joy, Disgust

Fruit skewer.

#6 Ursula

Mash potato with octopus.

#7 Bob Minion

Veal ravioli with carbonara sauce.

#8 Carl Fredrickson

Avo on toast.

#9 The Grinch

Spatchcock roast with spinach mash potato and roast vegetables.

#10 Pooh

Sweet mash potato with couscous, turkey meatballs and veggies.

#11 Snoop Dogg

Mash potato, wild rice (not made for eating).

#12 Rapunzel

Pasta with mash potato and avocado.

#13 Dylan And Dolly

Cream cheese on wholemeal wrap with black sesame seeds and fruit.

#14 Mama Coco

Mash potato with vermicelli noodles, purple cabbage, shrimp.

#15 Sadness From “Inside Out”

Dragon fruit smoothie bowl with homemade granola (glasses), coconut, blueberries, apple and rockmelon.

#16 Amy Winehouse

Mash potato, fungi, cashews (not made for eating).

#17 Cruella De Vil From “101 Dalmatians”

Spelt pancakes with blackberries, apple, blueberries, shredded coconut, whipped cream and cocoa cream cheese.

#18 Vanellope Von Schweetz From “Wreck It Ralph”

Mash potato, eggplant, lettuce, pickles, white tortilla wrap and red capsicum.

#19 Ladybug

Crumbed chicken with mash potato and veggies.

#20 Red


#21 Donald Duck

Smoothie bowl.

#22 Kermit & Miss Piggy

Baked potato.

#23 Sebastian

Watermelon, feta, bread.

#24 Rafiki From ‘The Lion King”

Fruit Smoothie Bowl

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